The construction of producing bitumen unit of Azar davam yol (Adyco) company has began since 2011 and has been operated in the end of 2013 year.flattening and smoothing and construction of all parts of the company has been done in the time of one year with the all day and night efforts of good Personnel, this is despite the fact that most experts in this work were estimated the duration of the construction and establishment of this unit to be more than three years.

This company has been located in the Masakh Sakhtemani city which is in the route of Sufian-Tabriz and the overall area of the copmany is about 65 thousand square meters . At the design stage,has been used of consultants and engineers of the ministry of Petroleum for the construction and commissioning of the company

and has been tried from the beginning to use of up to date scientific methods and in the continue a lot of effort has been done seriously to raise the scientific level of Personnel,developmetn and improvement of the laboratory part and the quality control. a prominent feature of this company is its diversity products which makes it possible for customers according to the weather conditions and the type of product usage, submit their orders to the refining company of Azar davam Yol.

The company’s experienced professionals by the using of Modern equipment,control the quality of products in the various stages. in the management and quality assurance and standards this company has achieved to get sertification ISO 9001: 2000, CE and National Standard of Iran.

This company for the first time in the north west of the country has been investigated the grade of bitumen based on performance indicators (PG). Adyco Company currently has started to buy equipments for the analysis of system performance indicators with famous brand from United States of America and God willing,would be the first private company with laboratories and performance indicators in the West and North West of the country.