Research and development Unit (R & D)

This section aims to carry out research projects in the fields of production of new products of bitumen, Including bitumens emulsion, polymer and plus The quality control monitoring of products and improve the condition of the units and Bitumen production process systems, in addition, is active in the quality control of products for compliance with international standards and customer orders.

The Laboratory Unit

The laboratory unit of Adyco company, in three experiments which are needed to control the production of bitumen to be able to do the necessary changes in the production of products with standard.routinely it should be under the engineering controls of raw materials, quality control in the process, also is essential to aim at obtaining product and the customer which with doing necessary tests this control would always prevent any problems arising later.

Loading Unit

Loading unit consists of five parts issuing money orders, writing sets, storage tanks, loading and weighing.the weighing part consists of a 60 Ton device and calibration and scale settings according to the schedule provided by the Office of Standards and Industrial Research of the the loading unit it’s available to load 2 tankers at the same time which in total, daily more than 2,400 tons of bitumen in bulk can be loaded.

Sales Management Unit

sales management of Adyco company is responsible for marketing and sales of bitumen production.